Double End Ferry



Build: June 2019
LOA: 92,40 meters
Maximum Breadth: 17,56 meters
Maximum Draft: 2,80 meters
Light ship Draft: 2,10 meters
DWT: 741 Tons
Main Deck Cars capacity: 122 pieces (according to Greek laws)
Lower Deck Cars Capacity: 31 pieces 12 Meters
Truck Capacity: 22 pieces
Truck Lanes: 312 meters for main deck
Main Garage Height: 5 meters Lower Garage
Height: 1,85 meters
Main Deck surface: 1.194 m2
Lower Deck surface: 373 m2
Main Deck Load: Single axle with single wheels =12 tons
Single axle with double wheels = 22 tons
Triaxle with single wheels = 24 tons
Tandem with double wheels = 28 tons
Ramp Doors: width 9,40 meters by 8,50 meters
Persons Capacity: 500 persons
Light Ship: 1.052,55 tons
Crew facilities: for 12 persons
Main Engines: 4 of 600Hp Baudouin 6M26.3 (EPA 3, Conforming with Clean Air Act)
Azimuth thrusters: 4 of VETH VZ-400 type
Generators: 2 of 150 KVA Baudouin marine and 1 of 85 KVA Baudouin as emergency
Speed: max 13,5 NM (1.800rpm) with consumption 8,2 ton per day and economical speed 11,5 NM (1.500 rpm) with consumption 5,5 tons per day
Classifications: Indian Register of Shipping (IACS Member) and Phoenix Register of Shipping Flag: Greek
Class Notation: “IWL, Ro-Ro FERRY ZONE 1 IY” for IRS.
Electronic Bridge Equipment: Radar, GPS, AIS, VHF, NAVTEX, GYROTOL Compass, ECDIS, Echo Sounder, Auto Pilot Veth Riverpilot, Epirb.

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